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Outdoor Concert


Swoop Presents is owned and operated by musicians and was launched to provide a more diverse musical offering for events, music series, festivals and venues. We noticed that many events were hiring the same predictable bands simply because they weren't familiar with the diverse and constantly evolving music scene. Swoop's specialty is knowing the cutting edge bands and top talent in the state. Swoop also works with national musicians when they're touring through Colorado to schedule them for pop-up and private events.

Whether you want a rock concert in your neighborhood or are organizing a concert series for your city, Swoop provides eclectic and diverse options that break away from the predictable. We can help you create a musical experience that your guests will remember forever by curating the music to fit your crowd. In addition, Swoop is known for cultivating and expanding new audiences for existing venues. We do this by analyzing your current audience and mapping your goals to correspond with musical offerings. 

Give us the chance to help you make your next event the best it can possibly be with the right music! 

Genres Include: 

Rock, Funk, Soul, R&B, Blues, Americana, Bluegrass,

Country, Reggae, World, Jazz, Electronic AND more

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Eric Imbrosciano is one of Colorado's top drummers, playing in multiple local and nationally touring bands. Cass Clayton is a singer, songwriter and slide guitar player. Eric and Cass's combined 25 years in the music industry led them to create Swoop Presents to provide more diverse music offerings to Colorado's music, venue and festival scene. Their relationships with many of Colorado's top musicians allow them to put together specialty bands and other unique offerings at competitive pricing.


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